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Your website is usually the first place people will look to find out about your business. And when they do so it is said they take as little as 1.7 seconds to make that all important ‘first impression’.

Customology create attractive, stylish, intuitive to use websites, that your customers AND Google will love. The overall look of the website is important, but not as much as its functionality… the story it shares about your business… and that it leads to the action you most want your visitor to take.

Great effort and care is taken to match any existing branding, logos or colour schemes your existing business might have – unless of course you’re looking for a brand new look, feel and design.

The Future “IS” Mobile…

Mobile technology is transforming the way we connect and communicate with each other – and this has transformed the way businesses must communicate with our customers too.

There are now more people looking for your website, independent online reviews, or to connect with you on social media on mobile devices – than there are on desktops and laptops!

So having a mobile optimised, customer friendly website where your customer can find the information they want quickly and easily is an absolute essential for businesses today.

In early 2015 Google announced they would be making an update to effectively penalise and demote websites that weren’t mobile friendly in their search engine rankings. They did this because they want to make sure their customers are getting the best possible experience when they’re using the Google search engine on their mobile phones – just like we all strive to give our customers the best possible service too.

Take the Mobile Friendly Test now to see how Google views and rates your website.

Responsive Design Websites

Responsive design is the new way to create websites which adapts and automatically adjusts itself to whichever device it is viewed on.

It is now almost certainly the best way to go, particularly if…

1) You don’t currently have a website at all, or

2) Your current website looks and feels out-dated, or doesn’t provide the level of functionality you now need for your business.

You can see examples of previous projects here, or get in touch by phone or email to find out more

Stand Alone Mobile Websites

A stand alone mobile website is a totally separate version which runs side by side with the desktop site and doesn’t affect it in any way.

A clever piece of code in the site then makes sure that mobile visitors are directed to the mobile version of the site, whilst visitors from larger devices still see the regular website.

In 2017 this is rarely the best way to go, but could be an option if…

1) Your current site looks great and functions as you need it to on larger size devices like PC’s, laptops and tablets

2) You want to highlight “Call to Action” features like Click to Call, Map and Email buttons, or

3) You are working with a tight budget, because this is usually a less expensive option

You can find out more about mobile friendly websites here, or get in touch by phone or email with any questions you might have

3 Easy Ways To Get More Customers From Google...

Google’s not the only way of getting visitors to your website and customers to your business – but it’s still a great, and FREE, place to start!

Here are 3 simple tips that you can take and implement in your business this week, to get Google to recognise and recommend you above your competitors……

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