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Websites For Holiday Let Owners

Virtually every business now needs a website, but of course you know that really and that’s why you’re here!

What you’re probably trying to understand is, what are the benefits of having a website for your holiday let business – and will it be worth the investment?

I developed a deeper understanding of the holiday letting business when I created a new website for a company that provides a premium property management services for the owners of 50 holiday homes in Edinburgh, Scotland.

It was actually more than just creating the website because I carried out a complete renaming and rebranding exercise in ‘moving’ the business from Angie’s Holiday Cleaning to Edinburgh Cleaning and Concierge.

You can find out more about the process here.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Website For Your Holiday Let Property Business?


I’m not suggesting that having a website could or should replace the benefits of being on listing sites such as Airbnb and Wimdu. Certainly not immediately anyway as there is no doubt they are invaluable in promoting your property and getting bookings.

What I do believe though is it’s a good idea to have your own website as well as be on listing sites – and for the following reasons.

  • You have total control over what content you present to your visitors and how you present it
  • You can build in extra ‘Calls To Action’ triggers throughout your pages and site, encouraging your visitors to get in touch
  • You can display all the testimonials and reviews you’ve received on different sources, such as Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Google, all in one place
  • You can make yourself stand out from other properties if you have your own website, on a listing site everyone’s property details are very much the same
  • The risk of your visitor browsing and ‘shopping around’ at other listings is not only easier but encouraged on many listing sites. If they land on your website they are more of a captive audience and maybe less likely to look elsewhere
  • You have no real control over your entry on a listing site. Although unlikely, they could in theory remove your listing at anytime on a whim.
  • You don’t pay any commission on a booking that comes directly from your website
  • You can promote your business more easily offline by advertising in a number of ways. Including on flyers and business cards which guests can pick up from your home and pass onto friends etc
  • It’s easier for people to share your property details by directing them to your website. Finding a particular property is usually not that easy when searching on a listing site
  • When created and presented properly, a website will enhance the appearance and perception of your property
  • You can have a professional email address to receive and send messages ie info@yourpropertyname.co.uk

In summary I think it comes down to three main factors.

1) You have total control over the content you present about your property and the way you present it.

2) It’s almost an expectation that a business will have a website these days, so you will meet that expectation and stand out from those still lagging behind.

3) It’s easier for people to find and share your property details with others.

To get an idea of what a website could look like for your holiday home property, I’ve created a couple of example sites here on Demo Site 1 & Demo Site 2

NB. These demo sites have not yet been set up fully for mobile viewing so are best judged on a larger screen device like a laptop at this time.

If you can see the benefits of having a website for your holiday let property then why not get in touch now and find out how you can get your business live and online very soon.

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