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Why Businesses Need Mobile

The future's mobile - and so are your customers

More and more of us are now using our mobile phones to search the internet to make ‘buying decisions‘ for local businesses. We are increasingly impatient and intolerant and want to find the answers we seek quickly and easily. And if we don’t, we’re likely to click away and go elsewhere.

Having a mobile optimised, customer friendly version of your business website is proven to keep your visitor on your site for longer and much more likely to take the action you want them to take – to contact your business.

This page focuses on the benefits to your business of having a mobile friendly website and how it can be achieved easily and inexpensively with a stand alone mobile design. There is however another way to create an amazing mobile experience for your visitor and that is called a Responsive Design Website.

To find out more about which solution is better for you and your business then please do get in touch. You can do so either by phone on 01422 316028, email me at enquiries@customology.co.uk – or see further details below…

Having a mobile version of your business website…

• Converts more visitors into leads and customers by giving them a great experience, not a difficult and disappointing one, when they come to your website on their mobile phone.

• Makes sure your mobile visitor finds the information they are looking for quickly and easily… Where are you, what are your services, when are you open and how can they contact you?

AND… the information YOU want them to find – they’re usually one and the same.

• Eliminates the frustrating squinting, pinching, zooming and having to make navigation selections with “pin-point accuracy” that is the norm when viewing a regular website on a mobile phone.

When you give your visitors a better experience they are appreciative – and are much more responsive.

• Has much larger, thumb friendly, navigation link buttons to access the exact page you want to go to – first time around. Also everything is visible and accessible by just one vertical scroll – exactly like on a laptop or PC.

• Creates clear “calls to action” within the site that make it easier and encourage the visitor to contact you. Click to Call, Click to Email, Click to Text and Click for Map and Directions.

• Is a totally separate mobile version of your website, but one that still maintains the look, feel and branding of your regular site – and your business.

• Provides a consistent visitor experience across all major mobile providers – (no more missing images and it can convert difficult to read PDF pages into much more accessible pages within the mobile site)

Frome desktop website to mobile website

Customobile technology creates a mobile optimised business website which is proven to convert more visitors into leads and customers by giving them a great experience when they come to your website on their mobile phone.

If you to want find out more about how easy and inexpensive it is to create a mobile version of your business website then please Contact Me today for a free, no obligation demo – and experience the benefits for yourself.

Or, click on the links here to see some previous mobile website projects, or check out some frequently asked questions…

Compare the regular desktop website alongside the mobile version with our “Desktop verses Mobile” online simulator…
Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about mobile websites – or please contact us here…

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